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 Diner Dash
Diner Dash is a story of our heroine, Flo, who is tired of the rat race of corporate America. She decides to open up her own little diner.
Although Flo owns the place, she doesn’t just sit back and count the money while others do the work. In fact, her only employee is a faceless shadow of a cook. Flo performs all the day to day tasks involved in running the diner. Performing these tasks is where you the gamer come in. It starts off pretty simple, seating customers, taking orders, serving the food, accepting payment/tips and busing the tables.

Customers start off in good spirits, this is shown in the number of hearts under them. If you make them wait too long to be seated or take too long serving their food they become impatient and you start to lose heart points. Smoke starts coming out of their heads and they storm out of the restaurant, many times without leaving a good tip and often without even paying for their meal! If your customer is happy with the service however they leave you a fat tip which is then added to your score. Each level requires you to earn a certain amount of daily profits in order to advance.

You are rewarded after you beat a level with decorations/improvements to the diner, more tables, snacks and drinks and a podium to make customers happier and “cha-ching” leave better tips.

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The game really picks up quickly and you get different “types” of hungry customers. These varying types are stereotypically portrayed, for example,

White Young Girls –nice.
Black Business Women – rushed and impatient.
Elderly Men – slow and frugal tippers.
College Boys – impatient to be seated, but dawdle over their menu.

All these types factor heavily on how well you do in that level it becomes a balancing act of sorts trying to decide who to seat first or who should be left waiting off at the podium. In true RTS fashion you are the “master of restaurant ceremonies.” Flo lags a bit at times and she becomes frozen in one place, it doesn’t happen often but it is frustrating considering all that you have to do within a level. Tables need to be turned over fast and efficiently, at the same time you can’t neglect your podium customers or they will leave and you lose points. We all know how cranky people get when they are hungry and things are going to get hectic!
I really liked this game and I found myself coming back to it again and again, it is really addictive. Maybe it stems from my need to please people and my fondness for cleaning things up – I don’t know, and I’m not going to psychoanalyze it too much!
Bottom line, for a game that actually makes you work, it is a blast ,and what other game can you say that about?

My Happy Hour Score A+

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Graphics A
Sound B
Pickup & Play A-
Overall Fun A+

Posted by oxyjen on Sep 22, 2006


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