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 Egg vs. Chicken

You know that age old question, which came first the chicken or the egg? Well the game folks at “Playfirst” and “Gamelab crackedopen a game based on that very conundrum, get ready because the feathers are gonna fly!

The gameplay all boils down to this, the Egg Liberation Front needs your help defending their headquarters from hordes of evil chickens. While the Eggs ask themselves who came first them or the Chickens, their fort has become under attack. Roosters, hens and little chicks are coming at them from every side, pecking at their walls and trying to breach them. You must help the Eggs power up their time machine and survive through the ages so they may solve the elusive question, who really came first!

"Egg vs. Chicken" is a strategy game, the object is to slide the Eggs around inside their fort to create combos of 3 or more eggs of the same color and launch them at the approaching chicken armies. The Eggs are moved around using the mouse (or you could use the WASD keys on the keyboard) in a click and drag motion. You can move 1 egg at a time or move entire rows you then launch the row by clicking on them once. The goal of a level is to defeat as many enemy chickens as possible and fill your Energy Egg Meter. Each level has a required number of energy eggs that must be recovered in order to scramble on.

Some of the feathery intruders require multiple hits before they are destroyed and sometimes only certain types of eggs can take ‘em down. For example, some chickens are immune to red eggs so you’ll need the frosty blue ones. The metal armor wearing soldiers can only be taken out with thunder eggs that jolt them with electricity- you get the idea!

Blue Eggs- ice attack, works best against red chickens.
Red Eggs-fire attack, it will roast those nasty chickens.
Black Eggs-very powerful attack, they kill with a single hit.
Yellow Eggs-thunder attack, electrocutes chickens, perfect for those wearing armor.
Rainbow Eggs-kinda like a wild card, match them with any color next to them.

There are 11 variety of chickens including some boss fighters (and they are pretty tough to beat) that appear at the end of a time period. You lose the game if any of the enemies reach your fort and peck their way in, an action most foul. Throughout the battles you can pick up numerous power-ups, special weapons and extra eggs that were dropped by defeated chickens and these can be added to your arsenal and placed into your fort. For instance, a wrench that can be used to repair a damaged wall caused by chicken pecks, or paint buckets that can be used to change the color of the eggs ,and my all time favorite goody, a firebomb. This is great for deep frying up those nasty little buggers when they step over them.
As stated earlier, the eggs are moved around inside your fort with the mouse to slide up/ down, side to side then you just flick the mouse where you want to launch an attack. The controls are tedious and at times aren’t very responsive, it took me some time to get used to, it almost made me totally give up on the game in fact, but I saw it’s potential and persevered, please dear viewer I ask that you do the same, you won’t be sorry.

The graphics are bright and colorful and mixed nicely with the whole feel of the theme. The game has a comic book look to it and I wish the developers had taken the opportunity to go that extra mile and mix in some short flash cartoons with voice overs for the in- between level storyboardsinstead of just pictures with text. Don’t be fooled by its wacky premise and cartoony graphics however, this pick of poultry is can get quite chewy and challenging especially once you hit the medieval time period.

I loved the silly sound effects of “Egg vs. Chicken”, every last peck, cluck, and egg splat of the plucky cast of characters. There is music in the background, but I didn’t hear it because I was grinding my teeth so loudly with excitement!

“Egg vs. Chicken” is stuffed with hilarious, yet intense gameplay it blended perfectly with great graphics, and on point sound effects. Playfirst and Gamelab clearly put all their egg energy in 1 basket with this one.
It all boils down to this, “Egg vs. Chicken” will have you clucking for joy and that’s no yoke- I mean joke!

Get Egg vs. Chicken Here

Graphics A+
Sound A+
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun A+

Posted by oxyjen on Nov 8, 2006


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