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 Diner Dash-Flo On The Go
“Playfirst” the makers of the hugely successful ”Diner Dash” franchise once more pimps out –I mean gives us the adventures of a restaurateur named Flo, once a charming and fun game, it has become a sad and weathered shell of it’s former self. I am sorry poor Flo I don’t know why they did this to you.
I know I might be coming off a little melodramatic here but I don’t care! I have a lot of history with DD and Flo. She is essentially what started this whole “girliegamer revolution”. It was the first game I ever reviewed you see, so give me a minute to compose myself and we will proceed to the synopsis okay? Thanks.
Flo and her friend Darla decide to go on a cruise for a much needed vacation, but do they get to kick back and relax? of course not, no rest for the weary as they say. Even on her down time, it seems Flo can’t say no to an emergency. In the original “Diner Dash” you had to help Flo turn her rundown little diner into a successful chain of restaurants. In the sequel “Diner Dash 2 Restaurant Rescue” Flo set out to help her friends in their restaurants (sort of a giving back to the community type of thing). I won’t bog you down with any more background than that - you can read all about it in my previous reviews.

Back to the latest saga shall we? when Flo and Darla arrive at the cruise ship they learn that the whole kitchen staff has quit! To top it all off Flo’s suitcase has been knocked overboard leaving her with just the clothes on her back. You know what they say, sometimes bad things happen to good people. In light of these 2 disasters Flo agrees to pitch in and help out the ships restaurant while earning the money needed to get a whole new wardrobe with Darla’s assistance as the cookof course. I am going to assume you are familiar with the games mechanics from its predecessors it is pretty much the same game for the 3rd time but “Playfirst” did throw in a few new things.

New Cast of Characters as well as the Usual Suspects:
Businesswoman: great tippers still bitchier than ever.
Seniors: patient, still slow to order who leave small tips.
Young Girls: like Oh my god this is going to be like the best like spring break ever!
Cell Phone Addicts: still jibber jabbering away, annoying those around them.
Bookworms: need absolute quiet to enjoy their unabridged copies of Titanic, Moby Dick and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, shh!
Housewives with Babies: drawling, hungry, dirty diaper crankiness times two! They must be put in a 4 seater table and brought 2 high chairs.
Joggers: exercising off all the bad carbs from the all you can eat buffet I guess. They wear headphones so they don’t mind the noise from the cell phone addicts or crying babies.
Family with Grandpa: drawling, hungry, dirty diaper crankiness! Only difference no high chair required.
Father with Son: must be dad’s weekend with junior.
Tourists: cute middle aged couple wearing matching Hawaiian shirts toting cameras. They love to have their picture before they even look at the menu.
Lovebirds: ah young love, they will only sit in a 2 seater table. Patient, but if they are kept waiting too long they will start making out which annoy other patrons. I despise PDA (public display of affection) as well! Get a Room!

The game sets sail on the ships restaurant with travel themed twists and turns such as rough seas which lead to spills that need to be mopped up, as well blackouts, you will have to complete this level using a flashlight. Gone is the faceless shadow of a cook, this time it's Darla’s smiling face whipping up some mouth watering food. As the game progresses upgrades in the décor are awarded such as a pool, and mixed drinks on deck.

Flo and Darla’s help is soon needed in even more restaurants such as on a train, a submarine and a blimp, and there is a secret destination that I will leave as a surprise. The variety of food changes with each type of restaurant, you are awarded snack upgrades that are appropriate for their particular mode of travel. For example, shrimp cocktails on the ship, and beer and cocktails on the train.
Entertainers such as a piano, harp and horn player as well aa a karaoke singer are on hand to help you keep the crowds happy in later levels.
A new feature called “Flo’s Closet” has been added, it is a “virtual paper doll” that allows you step into Flo’s closet and dress her up in her new wardrobe pieces. There is also a shuffle option that can be used to put together an outfit. Swapping new clothes around with Flo has absolutely no effect on gameplay, it seems to have been added as a lame attempt at trying to give us another new element to what we all already know is the same game with a new name! “Playfirst” must have been very proud of it, so much so in fact, that they incorporated it into a contest to help promote the game. “A chance to win a $500 prize. Players can help design new looks for Flo by submitting photos of their favorite Flo outfit creations. Finalists of the photo contest will be selected by “PlayFirst” and their creations will be judged by the audience. Winning fashions will inspire outfits in a future version of Diner Dash.”
Future versions of Diner Dash oh no say it isn't so! When will it end? Hey, nobody loves Flo more than me but it made me sad playing this latest DD. I don’t think it was a “bad” game per se, I just don’t think it was needed .While I think the developers did a decent job in their attempt to put in some well thought out new additions to give us DD devotees a current, revived experience as well as their desire to attract a brand new fan base, I just wish it was the end though, a sort of a“Flo trilogy”.
I, for one am content to move on and look back on Diner Dash in my happy memories.

Side Note: For all you newbies to the franchise , do yourself a favor and play the original DD, it is a far superior game that will have you instantly falling in love with Flo like I did and please be good to her!

Get Flo On The Go Here

Graphics B
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on Oct 28, 2006


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