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MarioKart-Nintendo DS

'll make this brief, because I want to get back to MarioKart.
It's, by far , one of the most enjoyable games out on the DS market to date. Anyone that has been a fan of the previous MarioKarts will dive in right away, happy to know that this game is just as tactic and as full of depth as previous games.. People who never played Mariokart will thank Nintendo for such a gentle learning curve.

With 32 different tracks, 6 mission modes, battle modes, and WiFi, this little DS cart is jam packed with replay value, there are more tracks here than in any previous Kart titles. A nice mix of new tracks and old ones chosen from Gambecube,N64, GBA, and even SuperNES.

On the Graphics side this game is a little 3-D powerhouse. Showing you what the DS can do. While it isn't as good looking as most 3-D games on the PSP, these graphics ooze with style , and the game pushes a decent amount of polys, equal to that of any Kart game seen on the original Playstation.

A new twist to the MarioKart arena are the mission modes. The mission levels usually consists of following some objective, like collecting all the rings, or finding the item boxes within a limit. Each mission level is capped with a Boss level. These are quite fun and play just like most Mario bosses from previous games, with the exception that you must attack them while in your kart.
Not all missions are random diversions. A lot of the missions are dressed up tutorials that help better your game. From making you use all the shortcuts within a track, to making you powerslide a certain amount of times within a lap, completing all the missions will certainly make you a better player. You will definitely need those improved skills when entering online matches!!!
Here is where you meet up with some of the most insane and intense Mariokart players around. So make your custom emblem for your kart, and get ready to show other MarioKart players what you got.

This game review was generously donated by Mindchamber, Great Job!

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Graphics A
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun A

Posted by oxyjen on Sep 25, 2006


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