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 Cake Mania-Lights, Camera, Action!
Welcome back to Bakersfield folks, hometown of the world famous Cake Mania series . That's right "Cake Mania " is back with "Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!"
This is the 5th game in Cake Mania series developed by Sandlot Games.
Let them eat cake.

Jill is getting ready for her greatest challenge yet - being a Mommy!
But maternity leave is not an option when you own your own business, and when a movie company comes to Bakersfield Jill has tons of hungry, temperamental actors to serve. She'll just have to do it sitting down that's all. And she'll need to rely on her husband Jack-and you of course to make the crowds happy.
SideNote: I think Jack puts customers off a bit, because they all seem to stand about ten feet away from the counter when placing their orders. Very curious!

So like I mentioned above, this is the 5th game in the series, I guess Sandlot Games just doesn't want to stop with Cake Mania series! And why would they? Hey, I guess if Flo from Diner Dash can keep churning 'em out, so can Jill right?
That having been said, as fun as the Cake Mania series is, there's only so much you can do with cake alone. The last game,"Cake Mania: Main Street"introduced added shops into the mix, and "Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!" brings them back.

Of course, first comes Jill's Evan Family Bakery, after playing the classic bakery shop for 3 levels, you'll unlock a boutique and after playing the clothing store for 4 levels, you unlock an Italian bistro a.k.a the local Pizzeria.
After all of the stores are unlocked, you can play the levels in the shops in any order. This is great because, once I got frustrated with a specific shop locale, I just switched to another one until I could refocus and get back in the groove.

The pizzeria reminded me a lot of the sushi shop in the "Cake Mania Main Street" game. The best part about the shop is that the pasta and meat that you cook and grill never burns so you can always have ingredients ready ahead of time by keeping the pot and the grill full. Trade secret.

The bakery is classic Cake Mania and you will recognize all of the stuff you need to do right away.
The new idea in this game is the clothing store. It is kind of like an easy hidden object game thrown in the mix to keep you from getting frustrated. I enjoyed playing this store, I don't normally like hidden object games but since it wasn't the whole gameplay element, it was the perfect break from the other two.
Let's face it, if all your customers just lined up and waited patiently, it would be easy right but not much fun.
Anyone who has played past Cake Mania games will recognize a lot of old customers coming back for more, as well as some new customers that have some of the old, bad habits. ave to

For example, a crazy cat woman will turn other customers into mimes, mimes are particularly annoying (such as in real life!) since they don't talk, you'll have to figure out what they want by hand gestures!
The guy in the chicken costume is always cranky and comes in with a half happiness meter, a mean yeti will freeze the customers next to him, and the movie star is so popular that everyone else will change their orders to match hers, etc.
There is probably a specific strategy about who you should serve first, but my strategy is always to serve everyone available as fast as I can so that no one gets too upset. As you can probably tell by now, things can get hectic at times and the pace is fast and furious, but isn't that what every time management fan thirsts for.

"Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!" is no frivolous-just-another-installment-for-the-sake-of-it kinda game, it's chock full! The developers really put a lot of work into giving us a huge game. Each of the 4 locations has over 25 levels , so I'll do the math for ya that makes it about 100 in all.
Fans of Jill will enjoy helping her continue in her new life's journey.
Hey maybe, the 6th installment will be "Cake Mania BabyCakes." Whatcha think?

Get Cake Mania-Lights, Camera, Action! Here

Graphics B
Sound B-
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Sep 2, 2010
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