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 Pac-Man Pizza Parlor
Hey have you heard the news? Pac-Man's back!
What's that you say? No, he's not back in a new arcade game. Here's where things get a little weird, he's umm back doing something else these days...making pizzas in a new PC game called "Pac-Man Pizza Parlor"Bew-wew-wew-woop-woop

I'm not quite sure why Pac-Man would be working in a pizza parlor either, other than the fact that he's always looked like a pizza with a slice missing to me.

SideNote:For all you guys who aren't familiar with the round yellow guy (really???) According to Wikipedia, The original Pac-Man was an coin-operated arcade game developed by Namco and was licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway, it was first released in Japan on May 22, 1980.

Now Pac-Man is in a Diner Dash type restaurant management game from Namco Networks (hey at least Namco still had a hand in it somewhat.)Which essentially means that it brings back an oldie but goodie without the original game's crummy looking pixelated 2D graphics.
By working in a fast food dive? I mean- c'mon!
But I'm getting ahead of myself again.

The story goes like this an old pizza guy loses his memory (no not from Alzheimer's) you see a ghost gets into some mischief and causes the poor guy to fall and hit his head. Subsequently he gets a case of amnesia and now it's up to his daughter Cathy to run the family pizza parlor.

Fortunately, Pac-Man pops out of their old arcade machine to lend a helping hand. leaving him laid up in hospital and unable to run the shop. He mumbles something about putting a quarter into the Pac-Man machine. Cathy pulls the old machine out of storage, puts in a quarter, and out pops Pac-Man ready to help run the shop.

In true RTS game fashion, you'll have to keep hungry customers happy and earn a certain amount of cash to be able to move onto the next day. You can also use the cash to upgrade the restaurant.
Oh yeah, be forewarned, at the end of each week, you'll be made to play an incredibly boring match-3 mini-game in order to help Cathy search her Dad's house trying to find something that might revive his memory.

So Pac-Man is there to gather all of the ingredients for the different pizza toppings that customers order. Click on the ingredients and Pac-Man will move over to them and send them to Cathy. Basic dishes like coffee and sodas can be served right away after one click. But more complicated recipes like salads, pizzas, and baked potatoes require more steps. For instance, to make pizza, Pac-Man must first nab the dough, then the topping.

In later levels, Pac-Man will have to watch out for obstacles while in the maze. The conveyor belt can move up and down, and if you get caught in the top or bottom, he’ll get squished bew-wew-wew-woop-woop. Pac-Man won’t die" but you’ll get a score penalty. Also, watch out for those pesky ghosts! No Pac-Man game would be complete without a gang of ghosts right? If Pac-Man runs into them, you’ll also get a penalty. Just wait until the ghosts turn into fruit for a short time, and Pac-Man can gobble them up for bonus points.

The game is fun, but never really gets challenging like other time management games(or the Pac-Man arcade game, for that matter.)
In fact it wasn't until level 45 or so out of 50 that I began to feel even remotely challenged from the moving conveyor belts that were constantly trapping my Pac-Man. As well mazes that become harder to move around in; all while trying to carry around pepperoni! Let us all remember now-Pac-Man has NO ARMS!

Well compared to the original Pac Man the graphics are great! But I don't really think that's saying much. Not many people will dispute the fact that the new Pac-Man looks a lot better than the original Pac Man's 2D model from the 80's. I mean how could it not?!

"Pac-Man Pizza Parlor" won't go down as a classic time management game in the same way that the original Pac-Man is considered an arcade classic.
But all in all, this game is exactly what it sets out to be, nothing more and nothing less.
It's worth playing if you're a fan of Pac-Man (and who isn't right? It doesbring a touch of nostalgia.)Or if you're just looking for a new RTS game, go on, give it a go.Wakka Wakka.

Hey if Pac-Man is still up for a game 25 years later, I guess we should be too!

Get Pac-Man Pizza Parlor Here

Graphics B
Sound B-
Pickup & Play B-
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on Aug 2, 2010
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