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You can tell a lot about a game just from playing a short demo. And after playing the demo of "Deathspank" I can tell you definitively Go! Download the demo right now!

"DeathSpank? What a ridiculous name!" I can practically hear you saying.
Yes, it is a ridiculous name, for a ridiculous game which prides itself in the fact that it's ridiculous!

It's being described as Monkey Island meets Diablo; having never played neither one I don't know. To me it felt more like "Gauntlet" stuck in a Gorillaz music video.

Charming. Intelligent. Suave.
These are just a few words you won’t be using to describe DeathSpank, a simple minded medieval swordsman, a man who hops around town wearing a purple thong! The very purple thong the evil Lord Von Prong wants for himself.
Call him a lovable, bumbling buffoon out to seek justice in a fantasy world of witches and stoopid chickens. A hero to the people, even if he just defeats annoying chickens.

He hacks things to a pulp, bashes baddies, and shoots at anything that moves all the while leveling up as well as picking up a ton of sweet loot.

Shortly after booting up "DeathSpank", a demon witch asked me to fetch her 15 chicken lips and she would then help me locate a magical artifact - simply named The Artifact. Hilarious! Consider me hooked.

And get this, no loading times ever - the action only stops when you bite the big one.

It certainly doesn't disappoint. I had no trouble picking up and playing "Deathspank" and was pleasantly surprised at how easy and responsive the controls were and me laughing out loud ( I mean LOL! How very uncool of me.)

But if you can't stand hack and slash RPG's or jokes about quest logs, go away. If you want to play a strong and serious character,ignore this guy and his purple thong. If you want to have fun and just keep bashing everything throughout, download and play!

Go ahead arm your “Demon Poop Hammer,” there’s feces that needs collecting!

Xbox LIVE Arcade
$14.99/1200 MS Points

Download Deathspank Demo Here

Posted by oxyjen on Jul 17, 2010
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