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 The A-Team
I went to see the movie "The A-Team" a few days ago, even though I have never seen a full episode of the 80's hit TV show. (Gasp) you alright?

Sure, I knew about it and it's basic premise...somewhat, I just never saw a full episode of it. I think I was watching "Cagney & Lacey" or something or another instead. I guess it's a girls thing.

For those of you like me who haven't seen the series, the good news is you don't need to. But for those with fond memories of the television show, you probably will feel a bit of nostalgia as the four familiar names appear on screen but be forewarned their faces have changed though.

From what I've been told about the TV series, the movie stays pretty close to the tone and feel and plays just like 2 hour episode of the show would (if it had millions and millions of dollars to spend on explosions, big, fancy stunts and expensive special effects that is!)

You know, it’s been a pretty weak 2010 summer movie season so far.
"Iron Man" 2 was alright but it didn’t live up to the first film, "Shrek Forever After" was just ok, well at least we had "Kick-Ass."
There just hasn’t been anything that you could really call a summer blockbuster, well I’m happy to tell you that "The A-Team" comes pretty darn close!

"The A-Team" is literally a blast, from the beginning of the opening credits to the very end. It had just the right mix of chills and thrills with clever and witty banter between the characters.There was real chemistry between them. Nobody was taking anything too seriously here, and that's the fun of it.
There's no real twists or turns in the plot, no hidden agendas, and no big, political statement the director was trying to make (thank goodness!)

I found myself smiling through most of the movie and laughing out loud more than once.

In fact, I will tell you to just go and simply appreciate it for what it is- the ultimate loud action packed movie; without dwelling too much on the actual storyline. And that's not just my clever way out of having to write it all, mind you! But it's a summer movie after all and it's too hot to be all analytical. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

SideNote:If you find yourself questioning the plot holes or inconsistencies you’re still thinking too much. Stop it!)

Yes, the plot really can be summarized in a paragraph. After all, it’s difficult to carry on much dialogue when 80% of the movie is taken up with loud gunfire. But pity the fool who lets that get to them. This isn't Shakespeare or anything folks, it's the freakin' A-Team!

SideNote: A quick word about the movies PG-13 rating; while there is some violence(of course- it's the A Team!) most of it is “cartoony” and tongue in cheek. The only nudity is a totally buff, ripped Bradley Cooper walking around without a shirt. I only mention this because Mr. T has been complaining about the violence and nudity in the film. Jealous much?

I had an absolute blast watching "The A-Team". Sure, its simple. It's shallow but it's also funny, truly funny.

In the words of Colonel Hannibal Smith "overkill is underrated".

A-Team Trivia:

- The TV series aired from 1983 to 1987.
- The movie took 10 years in development to finally make to the big screen.
- It had at least 11 writers.
- Bruce Willis was considered for the lead role played by Liam Neeson.

Rated PG-13

Posted by oxyjen on Jun 16, 2010
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