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 Plants vs. Zombies
There are zombies on your lawn, and they want to eat your brains!

OH NO! Nobody wants zombies on their lawn. Not only because the neighbors might point and stare, but also because if they make it all the way to your house, the zombies are going to come inside and perform a lobotomy on you!
Have I gotten your attention yet? Good, because "Plants vs. Zombies" by PopCap Games is awesome! It just has that "special something."

What passes for the story in "Plants vs. Zombies" is told by your neighbor Crazy Dave, a saucepan wearing redneck who gets a hold of some letters left by zombies. Reading these letters gives you an inside look into the life of a Zombie, turns out they aren't mindless creatures of evil, they are scheming, plotting creatures of evil!
The premise is a basic tower defense game, but instead of the usual horrible weapons of war, you protect your lawn with protective plants to destroy the undead as they march up to your house.
In other words, you have a lawn, and on this lawn of yours zombies are invading it. They attack from the right, and your house is on the left.

Death by Cabbage!
At the start of each round you can pick which seeds to take into battle. Your defense is a variety of special plants that, once planted in your garden, can stop the zombies with a blast of peas, cactuses and cabbages, nuts, explosive cherry bombs and giant Venus zombie-traps! You only have a limited amount of slots in your inventory, although you can increase your flora stash as you advance.
By far the best levels to play are the night levels. You're given different mushrooms from tiny spouts and things called spore shooters, grave eaters, hypnoshrooms, and humongous mushrooms that will blow a hole right through a screen door. You even get a mushroom that will eat right through a grave!
How great is that? I would say that's pretty great!

Sounds a little morbid in text, but no worries- the folks over at Popcap made sure the baddies were so cartoony and fun to look at that everyone will enjoy their creation.
So despite the undead premise, you'll still be able to sleep with the lights off, but I guarantee you'll be burning the midnight oil way past you bedtime.
SideNote: That being said though, as cute as some of them are, I don't recommend snuggling up to these z-boys. Remember, they only love you for your brains!

Much Props
The "tower defense" gameplay is something that I am not used to, because let's be honest folks doesn't "tower defense" sound kinda ´┐Żoh I don't know- not fun! But "Plants vs. Zombies" is easy enough for even the most casual gamers to pick up.
Once you finish the 50 levels of Adventure Mode, there's still a lot to keep you busy with tons minigames such as Wall-Nut Bowling and Zom Botany.
"Plants vs. Zombies" is one of the most satisfying games I've ever played. Each and every level rewards you with a new plant in the form of a collectible card. You're always being thrown new stuff even you don't ever feel the need to use it. You'll just want to.

You know, I hesitated trying "Plants vs. Zombies" for awhile mainly because I had heard through the grapevine that it was a tower defense game something that sounded boring and dull but thankfully, I was dead wrong!

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Graphics A-
Sound A
Pickup & Play A
Overall Fun A

Posted by oxyjen on Jun 14, 2009
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