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 Keurig B40
One of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received this year is my new, revolutionary, sleek, and shiny black Keurig B40 coffee maker.
I love coffee. I can't live without it. But I don't like making it. The scooping and measuring, the filling, the waiting, the rinsing and cleaning. Who needs the hassle? I just want one good cup of coffee, right now, no muss, no fuss and nobody will get hurt!

It's very simple: Keurig's approach to the single serve pod concept, is the "K-cup". A little plastic cup that looks like the oversized liquid creamers that you get at McDonalds. It contains ground coffee and a small filter inside it (yes, my curiosity got the better of me and I opened one up just to see)
All you do is lift up the big honkin' lever and drop in the K-cup. The whole process, from start to finish takes all of 2 minutes tops! It's so much fun to use! Then just toss the used K-cup away, go play some video games and enjoy your yummy coffee!

My heart skips a beat every time I walk by and spot it on my kitchen counter! (or maybe it's all that extra caffeine)

Get Keurig B40 Here

Posted by oxyjen on Jan 1, 2007


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