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 Nyko Perfect Shot-Wii
The Wii Zapper has been criticized by many for being awkward and clumsy, so it was only a matter of time before a third party invented a better accessory. Enter the "Nyko Perfect Shot".

So does Nyko’s product live up to the name "perfect"? Yep, pretty much!

The moment I saw the "Perfect Shot" by Nyko I fell in love with it and knew I had to have it, it simply looked cool! And let's face it, playing games like "Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles" and "Ghost Squad" just aren't the same with an ordinary Wiimote.

This is what the Wii Zapper should have been, pistol shaped! Because c'mon let's be honest, it doesn't really look like a gun, now does it? Okay, maybe it looks like a stylized gun. In fact I think the Wii Zapper design was intentionally made to avoid looking anything like a real gun and unfortunately it takes away from any real usability. Now if you want a real-looking gun for your Wii get the "Nyko Perfect Shot."

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Performance-It has a smaller more solid body than the Zapper ,which allows you to comfortably use it in one hand and gets rid of all of that nunchuk cord wrapping nonsense. The trigger works great (activates the “B” button), aiming is spot-on again thanks to the one handed design. So go ahead, take aim, and pop a zombie’s head off.

Stylin'-The Perfect Shot is simply a plastic holder for the Wiimote, and is not electronic in any way. The white and blue color combination (with a lil bit of orange) matches the look and style of the Wii and Wii remote perfectly. Installing the Wiimote couldn't be any simplier. All you have to do is slide the Wiimote in place, pull the orange doo-hickey on the barrel down, click into place and presto- you're good to go!

Rockin'- Not only does this accessory provide
the look of an arcade shooter, it provides the feel as well. The added weight of the remote gives the gun a
nice hefty feeling. The remotes rumble capability actually travels down the handle to provide that sweet
sensation of kickback that you only get at the arcades.
Top that off with the built in speaker on the remote that gives off a nice pop , and you got yourself the
closest thing to arcade shooters yet.

SideNote:The pictures off to the right really don't do them any justice. Trust me, it is a nice looking piece.

Value- Cheap! For a mere $14.99 you too can happily shoot away at all the baddies! It's less expensive than the Zapper, although to be fair the Zapper does come with a bonus game "Link's Crossbow Training". And even though,it's made of plastic it feels strong and sturdy and not chintzy in any way.

So go out and get one so you can look and feel like the pistol-packin’ bad-ass that you are!

EndNote: At press time I have learned that you can barely find Perfect Shots anywhere! Amazon is stating Out of Stock until April 2008. I have heard of rumored sightings in selected Gamestop but they are have been few and far between, and even Nyko is listing it as OOS! sorry

It's so weird, you know I had no trouble scooping up a couple on, less than two weeks ago.

Keep trying anyway and Get It Here

Posted by oxyjen on Mar 14, 2008


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