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You are cordially invited to the party of the Century!

Lifetime T.V., you know television for women brings us a charming new puzzle game called “RSVP”.

Help social butterfly JoJo host the fiesta of her dreams in this party planning game. A little clever match-making is all she needs to get her puzzle party off to a great start. The honored guests can’t be just placed willy-nilly next to each other however; you must arrange incoming guests according to the color on their tiles to create a festive setting for mingling. Keep your guests happy and your parties will grow and grow!

Be there or be square!

• 2 Game Modes: JoJo's Adventure and Endless Party
• Brain-Bending Puzzle Fun
• Eclectic Mix of Characters
• 28 Party Locations: Backyard BBQ’s to Tropical Islands

This is in essence a tile-matching puzzle game (hey, not all games have to re-invent the wheel you know!) The tiles pieces have been given fun personalities with well drawn animations and a cute story to tie it altogether. So, let’s get this party started! Woot! Woot!

Get Lifetime:RSVP Here

Posted by oxyjen on Feb 1, 2007


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